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TrioLift Mask – anti-aging mask


An advanced anti-aging formula that instantly lifts skin. Provides a quick anti-wrinkle effect while moisturizing, softening and soothing the skin.

The skin looks younger in 5 minutes after applying the mask!

Active Ingredients:

Acetyl dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester – “softness peptide” – the first cosmetic active ingredient that acts as a “switch” for softness and comfort. Stimulates the synthesis of pro-endorphins, which have an invigorating effect on the skin and suppress muscle contractions responsible for the appearance of expression lines.
Hydrolysed sesame protein – propylmethylsilanediol (Hydrolysed Sesam Protein PG, propyl methylsilanediol) – a new generation smoothing agent. Thanks to the inclusion of this component, the skin is instantly smoothed and tightened. It is more than just an instant tightening agent, it also provides real skin hydration.
Allantoin – actively protects the skin. Stimulates the skin’s natural repair process.
Shea Butter is a concentrate of natural vitamins and fatty acids that give the product incredible richness and ability to moisturize the skin.

Volume – 70g

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